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A Full-Service Hair Salon

From the day we opened our doors, we’ve earned our spot as a top Hair Salon. Having trained and learned from the best in Europe, we offer unparalleled beauty pampering and keep up with the latest hair and style trends before they are even released to the public. Therefore, we get you looking and feeling fabulous!  


Over the years, our expert team has had one mission—to make our devoted customers look stunning and feel their best. Contact us and see what our team of qualified professionals can do for you today or simply drop in and take advantage of our convenient walk-in service.


At Gabriele Coiffeur, clients can enjoy a warm and inviting environment. Our customers and their well-being, as well as our staff's health is our top priority. One of the unique elements at Gabriele Coiffeur is having and providing purified and clean air throughout the salon via our ultra modern ventilation system, which is able to absorb air in a quick and efficient way. The ventilation system reduces airborne and surface bacteria and viruses and is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, chemical odors, smoke and mold.

Go where you can breathe easy with peace of mind.

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